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The need for regular exercise and especially, resistance and weight training, is essential to successfully slow down the ever-hastening effects of ageing. Maintenance and re-building of body strength is absolutely necessary to remain physically independent, e.g. carrying shopping, wood, cleaning, lifting, gardening, mowing, safety in the home etc.

People of all health and fitness levels are welcome to join us, and once a month we also meet for coffee and cake afterwards!

Location & Costs

Huonville Lions Football Club, Wilmot Rd, Huonville.
(Thank you for sharing your space!)


Classes are $12 per week, or $20 per couple for a week. 
We exercise every Tuesday and Friday.

Sheree from Spice Fitness tailors the workouts to suit our abilities.


Your Health is a Priority

The Doctors at  Kingston Medical Centre have this important information to share:

  • Weight training and resistance training builds strength in bones and prevents osteoporosis. Weight bearing exercises help the body resist gravity and stimulate bone cells to grow. Strength-training builds muscles which also increases bone strength.
  • Weight and resistance training builds and maintains essential core muscle strength to protect the spine and relieve back strain.
  • Stretching has many benefits that elasticises the muscles and in doing so releases endorphins into the body and aids overall health.
  • Functional health training insures that people learn safe ways of completing life's chores that require lifting in particular.



First established by Huon Valley Council Health and Well-being Committee, then continued by Huon Regional Care before the Royal Flying Doctor Service gained the tender. Our trainer is a C.H.E.K. Exercise Coach / Functional Strength trainer, who is also a Cardiac Nurse at Royal Hobart Hospital.

Our fight.


Feel free to contact us if you would like to be involved!

0458 082 042

Volunteer Coordinator
0437 481 148